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Schedule Northern Bus Station

North Bus Station Chisinau facilitates travel to various regions within the country and beyond the borders of the Republic of Moldova by providing a detailed online timetable of available buses - North bus station schedule.

Online timetable Northern bus station 

The page for the online timetable at Gara de Nord is presented in special applications with real-time data. The page is currently under reconstruction. Please request the Gara de Nord timetable displayed below. The data in the table below is periodically updated. To check the exact availability of autobus tickets, please contact the operators of the North Bus Station Chisinau.

Please note that the schedule is subject to change!


Northern Bus Station Help Desk Phone for clarifications:

+373 22 411 338
+373 22 439 489

Ora de plecareZile de plecare
    Chisinau - Alcedar14.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Alexandreni17.45Zilnic
    Chisinau - Bacsani16.10Lu, Mi, Jo, Vi, Sb, Du. 
    Chisinau - Bacu12.00Ma, Vi.
    Chisinau - Balasinesti18.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Balatina 15.40Zilnic
Chisinau - Baltide la 06.00 pina la 20.00 (peste fiecare 30 minute)Zilnic
    Chisinau - Baraboi13.30; 17.15 Zilnic
    Chisinau - Belgorod16.30Ma, Jo, Vi, Du.
    Chisinau - Bocani13.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Borispol19.00Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Borosanii Noi11.20Zilnic
    Chisinau - Braniste13.45Zilnic
    Chisinau - Briceni09.05; 12.35; 13.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Bursuceni16.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Butor13.45Zilnic
    Chisinau - Cainarii vechi14.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Camenca07.45; 15.10; 15.35Zilnic
    Chisinau - Caracusanii Vechi09.25Zilnic
    Chisinau - Carmanova12.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Cazanesti14.25Zilnic
    Chisinau - Cerlina16.15Zilnic
    Chisinau - Cernăuti06.50; 08.00; 20.45; (22.00)*Peste 1 zi, (Zilnic)*
    Chisinau - Cetireni15.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Chertis13.10Zilnic
    Chisinau - Chetrosu11.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Chiscareni12.45Zilnic
    Chisinau - Chitcanii Vechi16.00Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Ciuciulea14.15Zilnic
    Chisinau - Ciulucani14.октZilnic
    Chisinau - Climautii de jos16.15Zilnic
    Chisinau - Clocusna12.15Zilnic
    Chisinau - Cobilea13.20; 15.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Coba07.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Condratesti15.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Constantinovca14.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Corjeuti17.20Zilnic
    Chisinau - Cornova15.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Coscodeni08.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Costesti08.45; 08.50; 14.05; 14.10; 15.00; 16.10Zilnic
    Chisinau - Cotiujenii Mari16.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Cotiujenii Mici11.00; 13.55Zilnic
    Chisinau - Cotova16.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Cozesti15.45Zilnic
    Chisinau - Criva06.55; 08.40; 10.40; 13.10; 13.30; 13.55; 16.25; 19.20Zilnic
    Chisinau - Cuconestii Noi15.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Cuniga15.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Curtoaia16.15Zilnic
    Chisinau - Cusmirca15.45; 11.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Dnepropetrovsk (prin Kirov)18.05Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Donduseni07.35; 11.40; 13.45Zilnic
    Chisinau - Donetk11.00Ma, Vi.
    Chisinau - Drochia08.10; 10.20; 13.50; 14.20; 15.00; 16.05; 17.00; 18.45Zilnic
    Chisinau - Duruiutoarea Noua17.10Zilnic
    Chisinau - Echimov14.45; 17.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Edinet06.00; 07.40; 11.45; 13.45; 15.20; 16.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Egoreni (Soroca)12.40Zilnic
    Chisinau - Falesti10.20; 12.00; 12.40; 13.30; 15.05; 15.15; 16.40; 17.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Fetesti17.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Floresti09.30; 10.20; 11.10; 12.00; 12.20; 13.00; 14.00; 16.20; 17.25; 18.35; 19.20; 20.10Zilnic
    Chisinau - Fuzauca16.25Zilnic
    Chisinau - Galaseni07.10; 13.10Zilnic
    Chisinau - Gauzeni14.55Zilnic
    Chisinau - Radiul Mare09.40Zilnic
    Chisinau - Ghermanesti15.30Vi, Sb, Du.
    Chisinau - Glodeni08.20; 10.10; 12.10; 14.45; 16.10Zilnic
    Chisinau - Grigoriopol08.00; 09.40; 11.00; 12.50; 14.30; 16.10; 17.50Zilnic
    Chisinau - Grimancauti11.20Zilnic
    Chisinau - Harikov (prin Kirovohrad)07.00Lu, Vi.
    Chisinau - Herson08.40Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Hincauti16.50Zilnic
    Chisinau - Hincesti14.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Hmelnitkii06.20; (19.40)*Peste 1 zi, (Lu, Vi.)*
    Chisinau - Horodiste14.50Zilnic
    Chisinau - Hristovaia12.15 Zilnic
    Chisinau - Yalta, Crimeia (prin Simferopol)16.05Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Ignatei13.50; 14.35; 15.20 Zilnic
    Chisinau - Ilenuta08.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Iliciovsk06.00; 22.00; 22.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Jaiuka15.15Lu, Vi, Du.
    Chisinau - Karlovy Vary09.00Jo, Vi, Sb.
    Chisinau - Kiev07.30; 20.30; 21.30; (22.30*)Peste 1 zi, (Lu, Du.)*
    Chisinau - Kotovsk12.40Zilnic
    Chisinau - Krasnodar14.20Mi, Sb.
    Chisinau - Lipcani08.00; 10.10; 10.20; 10.40; 12.30; 14.05; 14.25; 14.50; 15.00; 15.35; 16.15; 18.15; 18.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Lipceni (prin Rezina)13.20Zilnic
    Chisinau - Lipnic (prin Ocnita)15.50Zilnic
    Chisinau - Lunga (prin Floresti)15.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Lvov (prin Truskavti)18.35Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Mamir (prin Moscova)05.50Zilnic
    Chisinau - Midresti17.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Monoilesti11.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Meteuti16.40Zilnic
    Chisinau - Medveja15.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Meseni14.00; 15.35Zilnic
    Chisinau - Moscova08.15; 10.45Zilnic
    Chisinau - Moscova13.35Mi, Sb.
    Chisinau - Moscova (prin Teplii Stan)09.15Ma, Jo, Vi, Du.
    Chisinau - Napadova (prin Tapord)08.00; 15.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Nihoreni15.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Nikolaev08.20; 10.30Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Kakhovka07.30Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Ocnita11.00; 15.25Zilnic
    Chisinau - Odesa00.20; 05.50; 06.50; 11.30; 13.35; 14.45Zilnic
    Chisinau - Odesa07.45; 08.10Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Odesa22.45; 22.50; 22.55; 23.00Lu, Ma, Mi, Vi, Sb, Du.
    Chisinau - Odesa23.10Lu, Ma, Mi, Vi, Du.
    Chisinau - Odesa (prin Паланку)21.40; 21.50; 22.45; 22.55; 23.40; 23.45; 23.55Lu, Ma, Mi, Vi, Sb, Du.
    Chisinau - Odesa (prin Паланку)22.40Lu, Mi, Vi, Sb.
    Chisinau - Odesa (prin Паланку)23.55Zilnic
    Chisinau - Odesa (prin Тудорово)18.05Zilnic
    Chisinau - Otaci07.45; 09.00; 11.15; 12.00; 14.35; 14.50; 15.20; 15.55; 17.15; 17.55; 23.50Zilnic
    Chisinau - Pecistea08.20; 15.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Pipeni12.30Lu, Ma, Mi, Jo, Vi, Sb.
    Chisinau - Pipeni15.25Lu, Ma, Jo, Vi, Sb, Du.
    Chisinau - Pererita16.45Zilnic
    Chisinau - Sankt-Petersburg09.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Petresti16.45Zilnic
    Chisinau - Ploti13.45; 14.50; 16.10Zilnic
    Chisinau - Poltava19.01Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Praga13.00Jo.
    Chisinau - Praga14.00Mi.
    Chisinau - Prajila14.40Zilnic
    Chisinau - Ribnita16.30Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Ribnita (prin Dubasari)09.00Vi, Sb.
    Chisinau - Ribnita11.20; 12.25; 14.30; 18.30Zilnic
   Chisinau - Rezina08.50; 10.00; 11.20; 12.50; 15.45; 17.40; 18.35 Zilnic
    Chisinau - Rostov-na-Donu11.00; 13.45Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Saharna12.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Scaieni (prin Balti)16.05Zilnic
    Chisinau - Sculeni11.45Zilnic
    Chisinau - Sergheevca07.15; 10.45Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Sergheevca14.25Zilnic
    Chisinau - Sirauti (prin Briceni)16.10Zilnic
    Chisinau - Skadovsk09.40Zilnic
    Chisinau - Sochi (Soci)17.00Ma, Jo, Du.
    Chisinau - Sokol14.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Sofrincani15.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Soldanesti09.15; 12.15Zilnic
    Chisinau - Soroca07.00; 07.30; 08.20; 08.55; 09.15; 09.50; 10.30; 10.50; 11.45; 12.30; 14.50; 15.35; 16.35; 18.15Zilnic
    Chisinau - Speia (prin Grigoriopol)15.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Starii oskol10.00Jo, Sb.
    Chisinau - Suri13.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Tareuca14.15Zilnic
    Chisinau - Telenesti08.40; 10.15; 11.10; 12.00; 13.30; 15.10; 16.30; 17.10; 18.05Zilnic
    Chisinau - Telenesti14.05; 15.50; 16.00Lu, Vi, Sb, Du.
    Chisinau - Telenesti (prin Ceuceo)14.30Lu, Ma, Jo, Vi, Sb, Du.
    Chisinau - Terebna16.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Tescureni14.30Lu, Mi, Jo, Vi, Sb, Du.
    Chisinau - Tiplesti12.45Zilnic
    Chisinau - Tirsitei13.20Zilnic
    Chisinau - Umani10.15Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Unghenide la 07.45 pina la 19.45 (peste fiecare 30 minute)Zilnic
    Chisinau - Vapnearca13.00Peste 1 zi
    Chisinau - Varatic12.40Zilnic
    Chisinau - Varsovia17.30Du.
    Chisinau - Vasieni15.05Lu, Jo, Vi, Sb, Du.
    Chisinau - Veverita10.30Zilnic
    Chisinau - Visoca14.20Zilnic
    Chisinau - Voronej10.00Ma, Sb.
    Chisinau - Voronej08.00Lu, Mi, Vi.
    Chisinau - Zagoreni18.00Zilnic
    Chisinau - Zaicani16.25Zilnic
    Chisinau - Zaporojie00.10Vi.
    Balti - Grigoriopol17.15Zilnic
    Balti - Herson11.30Zilnic
    Balti - Odesa 12.55Zilnic
    Balti - Odesa (Palanca)16.15Zilnic
    Balti - Odesa (Palanca)21.10Peste 1 zi
    Cahul - Balti 16.40Zilnic
    Cahul - Soroca13.00Zilnic
    Comrat - Moscova09.45Zilnic
    Herson - Balti 16.55Peste 1 zi
    Ismail - Balti 19.50Zilnic
    Nisporeni - Odesa (prin Palanca)20.40Lu, Mi, Vi.
    Odesa - Balti 13.40; 19.00Zilnic
    Odesa - Soroca17.00Zilnic
    Orhei - Odesa 09.00Zilnic
    Reni - Balti 17.35Zilnic
    Soroca - Odesa 12.00Zilnic
    Vulcanesti - Balti 14.20Zilnic
    Tiraspol - Lipcani13.55Zilnic
    Tiraspol - Riscani09.30Zilnic
    Tiraspol - Balti 08.35Zilnic

The Northern Bus Station Chisinau serves as a vital transportation hub, providing a comprehensive bus timetable departing and arriving. The North Station Schedule available on the official website offers details about the various routes and departure times.

In the heart of the Republic of Moldova's capital lies the North Bus Station. This bus station in Chisinau serves as an important starting point for journeys to various destinations within the country and beyond its borders. In the table above, you can find a list of cities where buses depart from Chisinau Bus Station.

The North Bus Station offers a wide range of services aimed at the comfort and efficiency of travelers. One of the essential aspects this bus station provides is access to updated information regarding departures and arrivals of buses and minibusses to different cities through the online bus timetable available on the North Bus Station Chisinau website. The actual bus timetables data is presented on the official page of the North Bus Station's online table, serving as a useful resource for travelers by providing precise and updated information about departures and arrivals at Chisinau Bus Station.

The schedule information for Chisinau North Bus Station to Balti, as well as the data from the online table designed to help travelers efficiently plan their itineraries by offering precise information about bus departures and arrivals to desired destinations, serves as a reference point for those intending to travel to various regions within the Republic of Moldova and other cities. Please refer to the exact list of cities mentioned above.

The Chisinau North Bus Station is one of the largest bus stations in the Republic of Moldova, offering a wide range of routes and destinations to various cities and regions. Among the common directions or popular destinations from the North Bus Station are:

  • Chisinau to Balti: Yes, there are buses departing from Chisinau Bus Station to Balti. This route is quite frequent and popular. You can see the exact schedule above.
  • Chisinau to Soroca: There are also buses connecting Chisinau and Soroca, another important city in this region of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Chisinau to Orhei: Buses are available for travel to Orhei, another popular destination near Chisinau.
  • Chisinau to Hâncești, Călărași, Ungheni, Comrat, etc.: There are also routes to other cities and regions within the Republic of Moldova, and some of these are frequently used by travelers.
  • Chisinau and cities outside the Republic of Moldova.

Travelers using the services of Chisinau North Bus Station are greeted with a variety of destination options. Alongside the display of the North Bus Station schedule within the premises and the information available online on the Chisinau North Bus Station Online Table page, this bus station in Chisinau offers connections to Chisinau and other cities, complementing its routes to various regions of the country. These routes and connections make the North Bus Station a vital central point for interurban trips, especially towards northern towns.

In general, Chisinau Bus Station is a bus station that provides a wide range of facilities and services alongside services to check the bus timetable of North Bus Station buses and minibusses online. The basic services included in the range of services offered by the North Bus Station include the following: Purchasing or reserving bus tickets for various destinations, routes within the Republic of Moldova and abroad, as well as baggage storage services, tourist information, and travel guides. There are information desks and stands to assist you with city information and travel guides for travelers' destinations. One of the most popular destinations includes the direction of Chisinau North Bus Station to Balti, Chisinau Otaci, Chisinau Briceni, etc. Inside the halls of Chisinau North and Balti Bus Stations, there are special places for luggage storage or drawers to keep your belongings safe while waiting for the bus or minibus.

Within Chisinau Bus Station territory, you can dine or shop at stores. Stores and restaurants are also available at some of the largest bus stations in the country, such as Chisinau North Bus Station Balti, Chisinau – Briceni, Camenca, Falesti, Soroca, and in other medium and large-scale stations. Here, you can find restaurants, cafes, or kiosks offering various foods and drinks, as well as stores with diverse products. Additionally, Chisinau Bus Station provides access to toilets and sanitary facilities for passengers.

In the waiting areas of Chisinau bus station, passengers have access to the internet and charging zones for devices. Chisinau North Bus Station provides an online schedule, internet access, ATM services, currency exchange office, charging points for electronic devices, and other related services.

Both inside and outside the station premises, passengers can find duplicated schedule information of Chisinau North Bus Station on the online bus timetable, duplicated bus schedules through the loudspeakers by the Chisinau bus station operators. Also, in case passengers have time to wait until the bus departure, waiting areas are available. Comfortable waiting zones or benches for bus arrivals are located both inside and outside Chisinau North Bus Station premises.

It's important to note that each bus station may offer a different set of facilities and services, and the level of availability may vary depending on the location or size of the bus station.

In conclusion, Chisinau Bus Station, also known as Chisinau North Bus Station, is more than just a landmark or a ticket purchasing agent.

At the North Station, bus timetables are accessible, aiding travelers in planning their journeys effectively. The North station schedule on the website assists passengers in finding information about departure and arrival times for different destinations.

The Northern Bus Station's website is a valuable resource for individuals seeking information about bus services and schedules. It ensures that passengers are well-informed about the timings and routes available from this major station in Chisinau.

Departure points and ticket sales

2/1 Calea Moşilor street, Chisinau
Info line: 022 439 489
Info line: 022 411 338
Reception: 022 411 334
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