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Departure points and ticket sales

2/1 Calea Moşilor street, Chisinau
Info line: 022 439 489
Info line: 022 411 338
Reception: 022 411 334
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Hello and welcome!

The main page of the Bus Station- North Bus Station!north bus station chisinau

We are glad to welcome you here. The bus station Сhisinau Chisinau is pleased to welcome you on your journey with us.

Bus Station provides contact information, online schedules and bus timetables, and various services for trips along routes. The North Bus Station Chisinau is the place where exciting adventures begin!

We offer a wide range of routes to the most popular destinations both within the Republic of Moldova and beyond its borders. Whether it's trips within Moldova or beyond, we are here to ensure that your journey is comfortable and enjoyable.


Where can we go from the North Bus Station in Chisinau?

The North Station is not only a departure point but also a transportation hub that connects you to various destinations. From Northern Bus Station in Chisinau, you can travel to both international and domestic (within Moldova) destinations. On international routes, passengers can reach various countries such as Romania, Ukraine, Russia, and other European and CIS countries. There are many bus routes servicing these destinations provided by the North Bus Station in Chisinau. Additionally, domestic routes from the starting point of Northern bus station Chisinau to various cities and regions within Moldova, such as Chisinau – Bălți, Briceni, Oțaci, Grigoriopol, Orhei, Glodeni, Ocnița, and many other destinations and cities, are accessible through the Chisinau Bus Station.

northern bus station in Chisinauᐈ It is recommended to check specific routes and available destinations at the time of your journey, as schedules and routes may change over time.

We aim to provide you with the best travel experience and facilitate access to the information you need. On our website, you will find detailed information about available routes, departure and arrival schedules, as well as phone numbers to help you book and learn more about your travels. At the North Bus Station in Chisinau, we are pleased to offer you a full range of services and useful information. Whether you're looking for local travel destinations, we are here to facilitate your trip. The bus station is where journeys begin, and here you will find detailed information about departure and arrival schedules, as well as contact details for booking and assistance.


4 Key Services of the North Bus Station Chisinau

» Information about services provided at the North Bus Station in Chisinau may change over time, at present the Bus Station offers the following services:

>1< Ticket sales >>

The Northern bus station Chisinau provides the opportunity to purchase autobus tickets for buses, intercity and international routes.

>2< Information services >>

Providing information about bus schedules, routes, ticket prices, and other aspects of travel.

>3< Passenger amenities >>

Waiting areas, toilets, cafes or eateries, luggage storage areas may be provided at the bus station.

>4< Additional services >>

These may include services such as Wi-Fi, car rentals, shops, ATMs, etc.

ᐈ It is recommended to check specific services and offerings at the time of your visit to the Northern bus station Chisinau, as information may change or be supplemented.

We invite you to explore our travel options and embark on journeys full of adventures from the Northern bus station Chisinau - the place where every journey begins with unlimited possibilities!

Thank you for choosing the Bus Station – North Bus Station – for your journey and we wish you a pleasant trip!