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Phone and Address North Station Chisinau

On this page, you will find the phone number for North Bus Station Chisinau and other contacts for detailed information.

The website of North Bus Station Chisinau provides various contact details to support and provide additional information by contacting our operators. The phone Station Chisinau provided below is essential for obtaining up-to-date information on bus timetables and other important details regarding the address and phone Station Chisinau.

The Contacts page on our website offers visitors information about communication methods. Here, users can find the North Bus Station Chisinau phone number and address.

On our website, you'll find the address north station Chisinau and a detailed map with specific directions via an interactive Google Maps, our physical address, aiding users in easily locating us. Additionally, on our North Bus Station Chisinau website, we've provided the phone station in multiple options so that you can reach us at any time during business hours.

At present, there are no links on the website to our profiles on social networks or other platforms as they are undergoing maintenance and reconstruction.

By directly contacting the North Bus Station Chisinau phone number, you can obtain precise details about bus timetables and quickly resolve any travel-related inquiries. The phone Station Chisinau available on this page is a valuable resource for our passengers seeking information about bus departures and arrivals.

Please call North Bus Station Chisinau or visit our address to get information about the working schedule as it may change depending on the situation. It is important for us that visitors know when to expect answers to their questions or when they can visit us at the address north station to purchase tickets or get answers to all queries.

The Contacts page of North Bus Station Chisinau provides our phone number and address and offers several communication methods, making it easier for passengers to access current information about the transportation services we provide. With the help of the North Bus Station Chisinau phone number, passengers can receive assistance and useful advice for planning their travel or work trips.

We hope that the Contacts page with the address north station and phone number of North Bus Station Chisinau will be useful for website visitors and significantly facilitate communication with our passengers. Our operators are open for dialogue, and we pay attention to ensuring that necessary information is as accessible as possible.

Departure points and ticket sales

2/1 Calea Moşilor street, Chisinau
Info line: 022 439 489
Info line: 022 411 338
Reception: 022 411 334
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