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Bus transportation on excursions can be an educational and enjoyable experience for children, providing them with the opportunity to learn and enjoy new places and experiences. Excursions offer children a chance to explore new places, learn about history, culture, architecture, and other interesting aspects of different destinations.

It is essential to consider aspects such as safety, comfort, and proper preparation to ensure a positive experience. It is advisable to choose reputable transportation operators, check safety measures, and ensure that children are adequately supervised throughout the excursion.


Transportation children or adults by bus on excursions follows certain rules and safety measures to ensure the comfort and protection of children during the excursions.

Here are some general rules for the transportation of children in buses are designed to ensure their safety and comfort during the excursions.


Excursions - 7 main rules for transportation children

  1. Observing Safety Rules

All passengers, including children, must follow the safety rules on the bus. This includes proper use of seat belts, staying seated during the ride, and following the driver's instructions. Most buses are equipped with safety systems such as seat belts and special child seats. It is important that these are used correctly and in accordance with the instructions.

  1. Appointing Chaperones

Children should always be supervised by responsible adults during bus travel to prevent unsafe or undesirable behavior. If necessary, appoint adults to accompany children to ensure their safety and supervise their behavior on the transport.

  1. Preparation and Planning

Before the excursion, make sure children know how to behave correctly on the bus. Conduct a briefing or instructions, explaining the basic rules and expectations.

  1. Maintaining Order and Quietness

Ask children to maintain silence and order during the excursions. Loud noises and disorder can distract the driver and create hazardous situations on the road. Passengers, including children, should adhere to the safety rules set by the bus operator. This may include restrictions on movement during the excursions and the use of safety equipment.

  1. Checking Personal Belongings and Evacuation Instructions

Ensure that each child has their personal items (backpack, food, drinks) and keeps them close to avoid loss or confusion. Children should be trained on emergency evacuation procedures and know how to act in unexpected situations.

  1. Planning Stops

Long-distance travel requires periodic stops for rest and restroom use. Make sure regular stops are planned in safe locations.

  1. Interaction with the Driver

Encourage children to behave respectfully and politely towards the driver and other passengers. Well-maintained buses and responsible drivers contribute to overall safety.


These rules will help ensure safety and comfort when transportation children by bus during field trips.

To ensure your comfort, you can travel by bus from Bus Station Chisinau to the starting point of the trip. An important aspect is to decide the route and the destination to which you want to go with the children.

However, it is important to be aware that unplanned situations can occur in any form of transport, including coaches. It is advisable to find out about the transport operator, choose companies with a good reputation and check that they comply with safety standards.


Transportation kids and adult, mother, transportation in excursions

Questions regarding accompanying children, transportation rules for excursions and the types of buses used during trips have specific features depending on the excursion organizer, specific rules of a particular service provider, and the regulatory requirements of the country or region.

It is important to pay attention to several factors before selecting a transport company.


Recommendations related to childrens transportation on excursions

Accompanying children:

    Rules for transporting children on excursions:

      Types of buses used in excursions:

        Usually, children are accompanied by teachers, parents, or individuals authorized by the trip organizers. Special documents or permissions from parents or guardians might be required to confirm the right to accompany.

        Excursion organizers often have specific rules for transportation children, which may include mandatory use of seat belts, the presence of accompanying adults, preparing children for behavior during the excursions, and other safety measures.

        Various types of buses are commonly used in excursion trips, including tour buses with comfortable seats, luggage storage, climate control, and other amenities. Buses of different sizes can be chosen based on the number of passengers.


        These factors can vary depending on the excursion organizer, their policies, safety requirements, and the specifics of the trip. Therefore, before participating in an excursion, it is recommended to verify the rules and conditions for transportation children with the excursion organizers or travel agencies.

        Before leaving, it is a good idea to get accurate information about the available routes, bus timetables and transport options to the point of departure. For more detailed information, we recommend you to contact the North Bus Station in Chisinau using the contact data displayed.

        If you are concerned about the safety of your child during bus travel, you can discuss with the transportation provider to get more information about implemented safety measures and to ensure they are followed during the excursions.

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