Etiquette in public transport

Good manners and etiquette in public transport

people in the bus who observe etiquette in transportEtiquette and good manners play an important role in everyday life, especially when it comes to using public transportation.

The basic good manners and principles of etiquette in public transport are aimed at ensuring comfort and safety for all passengers. Etiquette is the key to a pleasant journey and respect for those around us. It is important to remember transport etiquette when using different modes of transport, including in the bus.


5 reasons to comply with etiquette and good behavior

  1. Respect and civilized behavior

Appropriate behavior in public transportation demonstrates respect for other passengers and staff. This contributes to creating a pleasant and civilized atmosphere for everyone.

  1. Comfort and well-being

Polite and respectful behavior in the bus creates a more pleasant and comfortable environment for all passengers. Everyone deserves to feel safe and relaxed during the trip.

  1. Safety

Adequate behavior contributes to ensuring safety in public transportation. Following safety rules and norms helps prevent dangerous situations and accidents.

  1. Personal image

Good behavior in public places reflects good manners and can contribute to improving one's public image.

  1. Example for others

Respectful behavior in public transportation can serve as an example for other passengers and positively influence their behavior in the future.


Overall, good manners and etiquette in public transport, be it in the bus, train, minibus or any other public transport not only creates a more pleasant and safe environment for all passengers, but also contributes to a civilized society in in general.


The list of good manners and etiquette rules in public transport

  • We behave politely and show respect to others

In the bus, as in any other form of public transport, there are certain codes of conduct and rules that should be followed. First and foremost, it's important to behave with politeness and show respect towards others. Seats should be offered to those who need them more - elderly people, pregnant women, or persons with disabilities. This is a display of kindness and caring for others.

people on public transport, calmly, follow the good manners

  • Maintaining cleanliness and order

Another important aspect is maintaining cleanliness and order inside in the bus. We should dispose of trash in designated bins and avoid soiling seats or the floor. This will help in maintaining comfort and cleanliness for all passengers.

  • Do not disturb other people

We should bear in mind that loud music or prolonged conversations can be disturbing to those around us. It is recommended to maintain a moderate volume level so as not to disrupt the peace and comfort of other passengers. Also, if talking on the phone, we should speak softly and avoid lengthy conversations.

  • It should blocking the movement or access of other passengers

We should avoid blocking the movement or access of other passengers in and out of in the bus. If wanting to disembark, we should signal the driver in advance and wait calmly for the bus to stop at the station.

  • Safety in the bus

In addition to etiquette, it's important to remember the basic safety rules while in the bus. When the vehicle is in motion, we should hold onto handrails or stand steadily in case of turbulence or sudden braking. It is not recommended to stand or walk around while in the bus is in motion.

  • I keep things personal

When inside in the bus, we should also keep an eye on our belongings and valuables. It is not advisable to leave them unattended to avoid possible theft or loss.

  • Pay attention to the schedule

And finally, we should always pay attention to the schedule and exact time of stops to avoid missing our station.


In essence, good manners in public transport not only create a more pleasant and safer environment for all passengers, but also contribute to a more respectful and civilized community by following rules on the bus.

Adhering to etiquette rules, good manners and basic safety guidelines in the bus not only contributes to the comfort and convenience of passengers but also creates a pleasant atmosphere for all traveling on public transport. These rules are fundamental and important for society, ensuring safety and mutual respect during journeys.

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