Backpack trip - How to pack hiking items

10 things to take on a backpacking trip

Walking is an excellent form of moderate physical activity that helps tone muscles, improve the cardiovascular system, increase endurance, and maintain overall health. Traveling on foot can be extremely beneficial and conducive to health.

From the North Bus Station in Chisinau, you can travel to various places in Moldova and beyond to later travel with a backpack. It can be a convenient way to start your journey as bus routes provide the opportunity to reach different cities and regions.

Upon arrival at your chosen destination, you can continue your journey with the backpack, exploring the area, going on hikes, visiting local attractions, or simply enjoying walking or using public transport.

10 useful things to take on a backpacking trip

  1. Clothing: Lightweight and functional clothing suitable for the weather and climate of your destination. It may be helpful to have an extra set of clothes.
  2. Footwear: Comfortable and suitable shoes for walking or outdoor activities.
  3. Personal hygiene items: Toothbrush, toothpaste, personal hygiene products, deodorant, cosmetics (if needed), hairdryer, and other personal hygiene items.
  4. First aid kit: First aid items, including bandages, antiseptics, headache medication, fever relief, and others.
  5. Documents: Passport, document copies, insurance, reservations, and other important documents.
  6. Gadgets and chargers: Mobile phone, camera, chargers, and batteries for devices.
  7. Guides or maps: If necessary, take information about the place you are visiting.
  8. Money and payment methods: Cash, bank cards, wallet with money.
  9. Backpack: Choose a comfortable backpack with enough compartments and a comfortable carrying system.
  10. Food: Water bottle, snacks, or a meal plan for long journeys.

This is a general guide. Don't forget to adapt the list of necessary items according to your personal needs and the conditions of your trip.

clothes, items necessary for hiking with a backpack

Traveling with a backpack requires considering basic factors

Ease of mobility:

A backpack allows for greater freedom of movement compared to other types of luggage, especially during hikes or travels on public transport.

Optimal packing:

Loading the backpack should be done correctly and efficiently to provide necessary items while minimizing unnecessary ones.

Comfort and functionality:

Choosing the right backpack with appropriate functional features (capacity, number of compartments, back support) contributes to the comfort and convenience of the journey.

Limited volume of items:

Traveling with a backpack involves restricting the number of items, so it's important to carefully choose the most necessary items and minimize weight.

Preparation and planning:

Thoroughly planning the route and selecting backpack contents according to the surrounding environment, climate, and duration of the trip play a crucial role in a comfortable journey.


Traveling with a backpack teaches you to be more self-reliant, considering you'll have a limited volume of items and fewer resources than in more traditional forms of travel.

Exploring the area:

Backpacking often includes exploring places that may be less accessible by other means of transportation, opening up new opportunities and adventures.


All these factors make backpacking unique and enable experienced travelers to experience freedom, comfort, and adventures that can differ from standard forms of travel. Backpacking has its particularities, and the choice depends on the preferences, goals, and specific travel plan of each individual.

Traveling has its own specifics and varies depending on individual preferences, goals, and specific travel plans of each person.

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