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Getting Ready for Easter

Easter eggs and flowers in a vase, on the table, at the Easter celebration

Easter is not only an ancient Christian holiday, but also a time when families come together to celebrate the beginning of spring and the joyful resurrection. There are many traditions and customs associated with Easter, among which Easter eggs, Easter cake and other dishes that symbolize new life and renewal occupy a special place.

For many people, Easter is a very important holiday. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian tradition and is one of the most significant events in the Christian calendar.

Although Easter has a special meaning for Christians, its meanings and practices can also be attractive and meaningful to non-Christian people due to its cultural and social significance.


Easter - The importance of the holiday and under what aspects Easter 2024 and beyond is manifested

Religious significance: For Christian believers, Easter symbolizes the foundation of the Christian faith - the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death on the cross. This event is considered central to Christianity and is the basis of the hope of eternal life.

Family traditions: Easter is a time when families come together for special traditions and holiday rituals. These can include church services, family dinners, egg dyeing, games and other rituals that help strengthen the bonds between family members.

Cultural significance: Easter traditions have a rich cultural heritage in different countries and regions. This includes special culinary dishes, folk songs and dances, decorations and rituals that reflect local customs and beliefs.

Spring renewal: Easter also symbolizes the beginning of spring and the renewal of nature. In many cultures, this period is associated with the celebration of the spring equinox and the return to life after winter.

Easter traditions can vary depending on the cultural and religious environment of different countries and communities.


Easter traditions that are often observed on Easter

  • Church services

Many Christian churches hold special services in honor of Easter. They may include special prayers, songs and rituals that reflect the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • Coloring and decorating eggs

This is one of the most common Easter traditions. Eggs are often painted with bright colors and decorated with various patterns or stickers. They symbolize new life and resurrection.

  • Easter dinner

Families gather for a special Easter lunch, which usually includes traditional food and drinks. Different countries may have different Easter culinary traditions.festive dinner, Easter eggs, Italian Easter, different food on the table

  • Easter cakes and eggs

In some cultures, traditional Easter foods are kulichi (Easter cupcakes) and eggs. Easter cakes are usually decorated with frosting and decorations, and eggs can be eaten as a separate dish or included in other dishes.

  • Easter gifts

In some societies, children can receive Easter gifts, similar to what is done at Christmas.

  • Easter activities

Many places offer a variety of games and entertainment for children and adults, outdoors or indoors.

These are just some of the most common Easter traditions. Different countries and regions may have their own unique customs and rituals associated with this holiday.

The traditional foods you choose for your Easter dinner may depend on your preferences, cultural traditions, and what your guests or family will enjoy most. At Easter, the dinner is usually set with a variety of dishes that reflect the cultural traditions and preferences of the family.


Easter dinner - main dishes that can be offered on the Easter

► Easter cake, curd and Easter snacks

Egg, meat, cheese or vegetable cake, curd can be prepared in honor of Easter. These dishes can be traditional or innovative, depending on regional preferences.

Italian Panettone (Colomba di Pasqua): Italian Panettone is a traditional Easter treat similar to Easter cake, but with the addition of orange zest and almonds. This is a sweet yeast dough, often decorated with icing and almonds. If you and your family love Italian food or want to try something new, Italian Panettone could be a great choice. Italian Panettone, or "Colomba di Pasqua", is one of the most famous Easter desserts in the world. This is a sweet yeast dough with the addition of orange zest and almonds, decorated with icing and almonds. Like the traditional Easter cake, Italian Panettone becomes an indispensable treat on the holiday dinner.

If you're preparing for Easter dinner, you need the right recipes. For Italian Panettone you will need flour, sugar, yeast, orange zest and almonds. Easter eggs can be dyed using natural dyes such as turmeric, beets or red cabbage, or use special Easter dyes. And to prepare Easter cottage cheese you will need cottage cheese, eggs, sugar and sour cream.

Easter curd: Easter curd is a traditional Russian Easter dish made from cottage cheese, eggs, sugar and other ingredients. It has a dense texture and sweet taste. If you want to stick to Russian Easter traditions or you have Slavic roots, then cottage cheese Easter may be a great choice.

Easter cottage cheese is a traditional Russian delicacy made from cottage cheese, eggs, sugar and other ingredients. Easter cottage cheese has a dense texture and sweet taste, which makes it an indispensable dessert on the Easter dinner.

Easter appetizers can include a variety of appetizers, salads, fruits and other light bites to enjoy before the main course.

Easter holiday attributes, Easter eggs, flowers, inscription

► Easter eggs

Easter eggs are also a traditional Easter dish and are often decorated and painted in a variety of colors and patterns. They can be prepared in different ways: fried, baked or boiled. Easter eggs can be a delicious and colorful addition to the Easter dinner.

Easter eggs are not only a tasty treat, but also a symbol of new life and rebirth. Painted and decorated with bright colors and patterns, they become an integral part of the Easter meal and delight the eye with their beauty.

► Hot dishes

Don't forget about hot dishes that can decorate your Easter dinner. Lamb, fish, green vegetables and a variety of snacks and desserts will help create a festive atmosphere and delight your guests.
Lamb: Lamb is often the centerpiece of Easter dinners as it symbolizes the lamb, whose sacrifice Christians associate with Christ.

Fish: In some communities, fish may be the food of choice for Passover, as it symbolizes the fish that Jesus used in his teachings and miracles.

Green Vegetables: Green vegetables such as spinach, baby beets or green onions are often used in Easter cooking as a symbol of spring and renewal.

► Sweets and Drinks

The Easter menu often includes a variety of sweets, such as Easter cakes, Easter eggs, cookies, cakes and other confectionery products. The Easter dinner can also include a variety of drinks, including wine, fruit juices, lemonades and other refreshing drinks.


Choosing between these options may depend on your preferences and what you would like to try this year. You might also consider combining all three dishes to create variety on your Easter dinner. These are just some of the many dishes that can be offered on the Easter dinner. The choice of dishes depends on cultural traditions, family preferences and regional characteristics.

So let's get ready for the Easter holiday together, welcoming it with joy, love and delicious dishes on the dinner! May your Easter meal be full of joy, fellowship, and blessings for all those near and dear to you. Easter!

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