Beautiful and budget top vacation spots

5 Popular Beach Holiday Destinations

Top vacation spots and seaside resorts offer sea trips for every taste and budget, a wide range of activities such as water sports, cruises, diving, excursions and entertainment. The sounds of the sea waves, the fresh sea breeze and the beauty of the surrounding landscape help visitors relax and relax from everyday worries.

Also, an important point is the cultural experience of each trip to the sea. Top vacation spots also provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the local culture, cuisine and traditions of the sea region.


Choose a trip to the sea from 5 popular and budget resorts

  1. Aegean Sea offers trips to Turkey, Greece

⇔ Greece, Turkey

The Aegean is one of the popular seas for recreation, especially among tourists from Europe and other countries. 

Tours to Turkey are quite common among tourists from various countries. Turkey is a popular tourist destination due to its variety of leisure offers, beautiful beaches, rich history and cultural heritage, as well as affordable prices.

Purchase of vouchers to Turkey can be paid independently or through travel agencies and operators. Many tourists prefer to choose package tours, which include airline tickets, hotel accommodation and possibly additional services such as transfers and excursions.

At the same time, the purchase of trips to Greece is also quite common among tourists. Greece attracts many visitors from different countries due to its rich history, cultural heritage, beautiful beaches, magnificent architecture and fine cuisine. 

Aegean sea beautiful beaches with fine sand and blue water

Top reasons why the Aegean Sea is popular

Beautiful beaches when choosing a trip to Turkey and Greece

The coastline of the Aegean is known for its beautiful beaches with fine sand and warm water. This makes it an attractive place for beach rest and relaxation.

Luxury resorts when choosing a trip to Turkey and Greece

Along the coast of the Aegean Sea there are luxury resorts and hotels offering a high level of service, spa treatments, restaurants and entertainment.

Cultural events when choosing a trip to Greece and Turkey

The Aegean region often hosts various cultural events, such as festivals, concerts and art exhibitions, which attract tourists.

Cruises and sea excursions when choosing trips to Greece and Turkey

Many cruise companies offer sea cruises and excursions in the Aegean Sea, allowing tourists to explore the various islands and coasts of the region.

Water sports in the selection of trips to Turkey and Greece

The Aegean Sea provides excellent opportunities for water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving and kayaking.

Tourist facilities when choosing a trip to Greece and Turkey

The Aegean region has a rich cultural heritage and many historical sites such as ancient cities, temples, theatres and archaeological sites.


  1. Black Sea offers trips to Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria

⇔ Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey

The Black Sea is a popular holiday destination, especially among residents of countries adjacent to its shores, such as Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. Purchase holiday in Turkey is quite popular, especially among those who are looking for affordable and varied options for a holiday at sea.

At the same time, tours to Bulgaria are also quite popular among tourists, especially among residents of Europe and neighboring countries. On the other hand, 

Tours to Romania are not as common among international tourists as, for example, vouchers to more popular tourist destinations. However, for some categories of tourists visiting Romania can be interesting and attractive. Tours to Romania are likely to be of interest to those who are looking for unusual and less commercialized tourist experiences. It may be interesting for outdoor lovers, mountain skiing.

Black Sea luxury hotels to budget hotels, blue sea

Top reasons why the Black Sea is popular

Variety of resorts

On the shores of the Black Sea concentrated many resorts with a variety of services and price categories, from luxury hotels to budget hotels.

Beach holiday

The beaches of the Black Sea have beautiful sand or pebble coating, their wide selection makes this place attractive for holidaymakers with different preferences.

Historical and cultural sites

In addition to beach holidays, the Black Sea region is rich in historical and cultural attractions, such as ancient cities, castles and museums, which attracts tourists interested in cultural heritage.

Water sports and Natural beauties

Vacationers on the Black Sea can engage in various kinds of water sports, including windsurfing, sailing, water scooters and diving. The coastline of the Black Sea impresses with its natural beauties, including picturesque landscapes, mountains and gorges.


  1. Red Sea offers trips to Egypt, Israel and Yemen

⇔ Egypt, Israel, Yemen

The Red Sea is one of the popular tourist destinations, especially among tourists from Europe, Russia and other countries. Tours to Egypt and Israel are quite popular among tourists from different countries. Tours to Egypt are popular because Egypt is rich in history and ancient monuments, such as the pyramids of Giza, temples in Luxor and Abu Simbel, as well as numerous museums and archaeological excavations.

Israel is also a holy site for three major world religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Tourists visit the country to see such sacred places as the Wailing Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and others.

Trips to Yemen are not a common choice among international tourists, as Yemen’s availability for international tourists is also limited. Due to the political and security situation, many countries make recommendations not to visit Yemen.

Red Sea crystal clear waters, rich coral reefs and white sand

Top reasons why the Red Sea is popular

Excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling

The Red Sea is known for its crystal clear waters, rich coral reefs and the diversity of marine life. This makes it a great place to go diving and snorkeling.

Historic sites

The Red Sea area is also home to many historical sites, such as ancient cities, monasteries, castles and caves, which attract tourists interested in history and culture.

Weather and climate

The climate in the Red Sea region is usually warm and sunny all year round, making it an attractive holiday destination even in the winter months.

Luxury resorts

Along the coast of the Red Sea are many luxurious resorts with modern facilities, spa centers, restaurants and entertainment facilities.

Recreational activity

In the Red Sea region, you can spend time not only on the beaches and water sports, but also engage in active recreation, such as windsurfing, mountain tourism and desert tours.

Metropolitan proximity

Some resort cities, such as Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada in Egypt, as well as Eilat in Israel, are in close proximity to major airports, making access to the sea more convenient for tourists.


  1. Caribbean Sea offers trips to the Caribbean

⇔ Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

Tours to the Caribbean are a very popular choice among international tourists, especially for people looking for a luxurious and exotic holiday. Tours to the Caribbean Islands are one of the most desirable destinations for recreation, especially for those looking for a combination of luxury, natural beauty and privacy on beautiful beaches.

Caribbean sea, white beaches, blue water

Top reasons why the Caribbean Sea is popular

Fine beaches

The Caribbean islands are famous for their white beaches, warm water and scenic scenery. Vacationers can enjoy relaxation on the beach, swimming in the sea and underwater walks.

Island diversity

The Caribbean includes many islands, each with its own unique characteristics and character. Vacationers can choose an island that matches their preferences and interests.

Cultural heritage

The Caribbean islands are rich in cultural heritage, including music, dance, cuisine and tradition. Tourists can get acquainted with the local culture by visiting local markets, festivals and museums.

Crystal clear water

Water in the Caribbean Sea is known for its transparency and crystal clear, making it a great place for snorkeling and diving.

Luxury resorts

On many islands of the Caribbean Sea are luxurious resorts and hotels offering a high level of service, luxurious rooms and a wide range of entertainment.

Cruise travel

The Caribbean Sea is one of the most popular destinations for cruise travel. Cruise companies offer various routes and tours of the Caribbean islands.


  1. Mediterranean Sea offers trips to Greece, to the resorts of Spain and Italy

⇔ Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most popular and attractive holiday destinations in the world. 

Thus, vouchers to the resorts of Spain are a very popular choice among tourists. In general, Spanish resorts offer a wide range of recreational opportunities, including beach holidays, cultural and historical excursions, gastronomic adventures and active entertainment. Spain beach holiday destinations is famous for its spectacular beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Canary Islands. Tourists can enjoy the sun and the sea.

Tours to Greece are widely popular among those who are looking for a combination of cultural recreation, beach and outdoor activities. Tours to Greece can be purchased as a ready-made package, and individually, taking into account the preferences and budget of the tourist. Ready-made packages can include air tickets, hotel accommodation, transfers and sometimes excursions.

Mediterranean Sea, blue water and coast, beaches

Top reasons why the Mediterranean Sea is popular

Beautiful beaches in holiday in Spain and Greece

The Mediterranean Sea has a vast coast with a variety of beaches, including sandy, pebbly and rocky. Thanks to the warm climatic zone, beach holidays are available almost all year round.

Luxury resorts in holiday in Spain and Greece

Along the coast of the Mediterranean are luxurious resorts and hotels offering a wide range of services and facilities for holidaymakers.

Diversity of cultures and cuisine

The Mediterranean region offers a variety of cultural and culinary experiences thanks to the many countries bordering the sea. Tourists can enjoy authentic local cuisine, wines, festivals and traditions.

Cruise in holiday in Spain and Greece

Many cruise companies offer cruises in the Mediterranean, allowing tourists to visit several countries and cities in one trip. This is a convenient way to explore many different places in a short vacation.

Outdoor activities

In addition to beach holidays, the Mediterranean region offers many opportunities for outdoor activities such as water sports, hiking, cycling, mountain skiing and more.

Historic sites

The Mediterranean region is rich in historical and cultural heritage, including ancient cities, architectural monuments, museums and archaeological excavations. Countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain and Turkey are known for their rich historical landmarks.


In general, sea trips are widely popular throughout the world and is an excellent way to spend time on vacation or on the weekend.

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